Fľaša Standard 1L čierna, Nalgene

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  • Kód produktu: NAL-000616
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Popis produktu

Nalgene 1 liter gray bottle with black cap. Thanks to the classic opening, the bottle is pleasantly drunk and can be combined with different caps. Different water filters can be inserted . It has a large thread and an excellent sealing cap can be quickly removed. With the scale you always know how much fluid is left. The material is tasteless and odorless . The attached loop cap ensures that it is not lost and easily attracted and pulled.

Dishwasher-safe. Make sure that the bottle cap does not touch the heating element so that it does not melt.

- for hot and cold drinks
- impact resistant
- extremely durable
- temperature range: -40 ° C / 100 ° C
- Tritan without BPA

Dimensions: ca. Ø 89x235 mm
Weight: 168 g
Volume: 1110 ml
Material: Tritan
Cap diameter: 38 mm

The bottle does not contain BPA (bisphenol-A), BPS (bisphenol-S) or phthalates (plasticizers)!