Hydratačný vak WLPS 3L Low Profile čierny, Source

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  • Kód produktu: SOU-000440
  • Hmotnosť produktu: 0,2800kg
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Popis produktu

Material: 3-layer coextruded polyethylene
Volume: 3L
Hydration System: WLPS ™
Tube: 94 cm long
PE valve: Storm-Valve ™ angled
Weight: 0.21 kg
Length (full): 36 cm
Width (full): 25 cm
Max. depth (solid): 6.7 cm

WLPS 3L Widepac "Low Profile" - a low profile hydration system is specially designed for integration into ballistic vests. Making the most of our low profile technology reduces the depth of the carrier, making it a truly low-profile hydration system.

Hi-Flow Storm-Valve ™ Non -stroke push-pull valve with integrated shut-off mechanism. Like drinking with a straw. Easy disassembly for cleaning. (U.S. Patent 6,622,988).

Angles Valve "Angle Valve" rotated 360 degrees for perfect valve / mouth orientation. Allows the tube to be 25 cm shorter. Less excess tube that jumps around your neck!

The Dirt-Shield ™ protective cover keeps the drinking valve free of dirt and is protected. QMT ™ Inline The QMT ™ quick connector on the pipe end allows the connection of a filter, UTATM or other accessory at the touch of a button.

Cool Weave insulates and blocks UV light. The water remains cool and prevents the growth of bacteria from the first to the last drink.