Vyberateľné chrániče kolien čierne, Claw Gear

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  • Kód produktu: CLO-000519
  • Hmotnosť produktu: 0,0350kg
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Popis produktu

Removable knee pads from Claw Gear, suitable for tactical and work pants. The pads are anatomically shaped to provide the best protection for your knees. Protectors are inserted into internal (hidden) compartments for this purpose, so the protectors are not visible.

The lightweight material is shaped to better fit the knee and the inside of the pads is covered with fabrics for better anti-slip properties.

The advantage is low weight and excellent absorption of impacts to the knees not only during work activities of professionals, but also on airsoft, paintball or hiking.

Material: EVA foam (Ethylene-vinyl acetate)
Manufacturer: Claw gear
Color: black
Weight: 40g (20g one)
Length: 25.5 cm
Width: 14,5 cm
Thickness: 9 mm